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Learning the Scripts

Audition Coaching

Ideal For Drama School Applicants


Our step by step audition coaching service takes you through the entire casting process from choosing repertoire to performance.

Our sessions can be done face to face (when allowed) or online and are structured to your individual needs.  Typical sessions include:


  • Free video consultation session before the first session

  • Choosing Repertoire

  • Matching the right song to the audition

  • Cutting the songs (most drama schools ask for a shorter version of the song)

  • Preparing the sheet music

  • Acting through the song

  • Audition tips

  • Bespoke Piano Track for online auditions or rehearsal purposes

  • Professional pianist available during face to face session

We advise a minimum of 2 months intensive preparation for drama schools auditions if starting from scratch with no chosen repertoire.

Prices are as one to one lessons (see our fees page) and we can advise on the number of sessions required after the free consultation session.

Audition Coachig
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