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Whether you are looking for a flexible option or you want to make a longer term commitment, we have payment options to suit you 

Recording Session

Pay As You Go Option

Totally flexible – you pay only for the lessons you want or require


15% Discounted Monthly Plan

A brilliant option for those looking for regular weekly lessons

Private One to One Lessons 

Pay As You Go Option

We offer the following session times for our private one to one sessions:


£45 for a one hour session

£35 for a 45 minute session

£25 for a 30 minute session

Private 121 Lesson Fees

Rolling Monthly Package

Pay monthly and get a 15% discount

A brilliant option for those looking for regular weekly lessons.


Invoices are sent out at the end of every month in advance of the following month and based on however many teaching weeks are in that month.

Full T&Cs will be sent with your initial enquiry

Typical 4 week monthly fees will be:

​1 hour lessons £153.00/month (£38.25 per lesson)

45 min lessons £119.00/month (£29.75 per lesson)

30 min lessons £85.00/month (£21.25 per lesson)

Package Fees
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