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In this class we will looking at how to 'map' your way through a showstopper.  Those big, belty, stand out numbers that can have such a significant affect on the audience, it impels them to continue applauding so long it literally stops the show, sometimes resulting in a standing ovation!

We'll be looking at :

  • How to map through the song so you don't 'peak' too soon.

  • How to stay connected to the text so it stays true and doesn't become self indulgent.

  • We'll also touch on some of the technical aspects of making that particular voice quality.

  • How to make the song your own, if it's a song that has a definitive version.

  • What is required of a singer to be able to recreate the song time and time again.


We will be working on 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen'.  


Next Class

Monday 3rd April 7.15 - 8.30pm. Online via Zoom.

Only £12.00

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That was such a useful and inspiring class.  It's really helped me to bring my audition repertoire back to life

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